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There is a market advantage with our sites because each site is unique, meaning that the content, users, and emails are only used for a specific site. We do not share content, users or emails across sites. You can create more traffic opportunities with Dating Offers!

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Our sites feature free profile creation so they can experience many benefits of the site as an incentive to upgrade to VIP or a paid member. We offer free members instant contact with available women (or men) to increase the upgrade potential. This interaction has been carefully analyzed and definitely results in higher conversions.


  Standard Banners

We have everything from leaderboard to skyscraper. We try to offer every popular size standard banner but if you need custom sizes or something special, then don’t hesitate to contact us..

  Geo Targeted Banners

Do you need a custom design for a specific market? We can provide custom sizes or something special so don’t hesitate to contact us to get whatever is needed to maximize your traffic.

  Mobile Banners

Our sites are designed as mobile-first, which is designing for the smallest screen and working your way up. We have banners specifically designed for affiliates with mobile sites to maximize conversions.

  Custom Banners

Contact us with unique specifications, and we'll provide custom banners just for you. We are here to serve you!

Affiliate Program

We have a highly analyzed, proprietary method for maximum sales conversion so you can make the most from your dating traffic.

  Carefully analyzed, higher conversions!

High CTR Promo Tools

We have created highly advanced promotional tools to maximum sales conversions:

  Standard Banners
  Mobile Banners
  Geo Targeted Banners
  Custom Banners

Cross Platform Optimization

Our site utilize a cross platform optimization, meaning that our sites work on PC, Mac, Chrome OS, Apple iOS, and Android (smartphones & tablets). Our site utilize a cross platform optimization and works on desktop, smartphones & tablets.

Cross Platform